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readme.txt file
This directory contains the main language files available for FREESCO. By default FREESCO comes with the english language files built in on the floppy disk image. The file is included here ONLY as a reference and does NOT need to be copied to the floppy.

The "censored.tgz" language file is a basic test language comprised of "X" and "x" for all standard alphabetical characters. The language is fully supported in the base install and can be used just for fun or even as an extra security measure once the system has been configured.

To install any language file just copy the language.tgz to the floppy in the a:\router\language\ directory. You can install more than one language file at a time. You must also copy the selected language files "syslinux.cfg" to the root directory of the floppy replacing the existing syslinux.cfg file that is already there. Make sure that the variable 'DLANG=english' is changed to the language name that you want the system to use during bootup. This variable changes the default language the system uses regardless of how many languages are installed.
All language files MUST conform to the DOS 8.3 file system requirements. So all languages are converted to the first eight characters of the English language name in lower case with a ".tgz" added.

If anyone converts the FREESCO language files to your own language, please send the converted files to lewis(at) so they can be included for others to use.

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