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mv2ext2 file

AA="Any key to continue "
AB="I'd like to move it. But it's not a floppy. "
AC="Your backup(s): "
AD="Backup to restore "
AE="Oops you mistyped the extension "
AF="try again. "
AG="directory already exists "
AH="(d)elete and use existing directory or choose a (n)ew one, e(x)it "
AI="Choose a new directory extension "
AJ="Your choice "
AK="No usable hard drive/partition was found "
AL="You have more than one hard drive or partition that can be used for Freesco. "
AM="Do you want to use the advanced mv2ext2 "
AN="Usable partitions or drives that were found. "
AO="is recommended. "
AP="What listed partition or drive do you want to use "
AQ="Backup saved as "
AR="Be sure to run 'lilo' before rebooting "
AS="There are no backups to restore, sorry "
AT="can't overwrite.\nYou must choose either Clean or Save "
AU="Saving backup files "
AV="Removing "
AW="patches "
AX="Copying Freesco files to "
AY="Copying kernel and ramdisk "
AZ="Copying ext2 language files "
BA="Copying ext2 file system tools "
BB="Copying documentation files "
BC="Copying lilo configuration files "
BE="exit "
BF="Your raid device failed to mount, please reconfigure it and try again. "
BG="Install a third party kernel to the hard drive "

aA(){ cat <<EOF
This command will install FREESCO to a ext2 partition on your hard drive.
${CG}C${CY}lean install, delete previous copy
${CG}O${CY}verwrite existing install leaving extra files intact
${CG}S${CY}ave existing hard drive install to a backup directory.
${CC}R${CY}estore previous backup

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