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lilo.conf file
# LILO configuration file
# This file is pre configured to use
"/dev/hda" as the master boot device.
# If this is not your setup then you will need to change the boot setting.
# Do not change ANYTHING else unless you are certain you know what you want.

# Generate linear sector addresses instead of sector/head/cylinder addresses.
# Linear addresses are translated at run time and do not depend on disk
# geometry. Note that boot disks may not be portable if 'linear' is used,
# because the BIOS service to determine the disk geometry does not work
# reliably for floppy disks. When using 'linear' with large disks,
# /sbin/lilo may generate references to inaccessible disk areas, because 3D
# sector addresses are not known before boot time.

# Generate 32-bit Logical Block Addresses instead of sector/head/cylinder
# addresses. If the BIOS supports packet addressing, then packet calls will
# be used to access the disk. This allows booting from any partition on disks
# greater than 8.4Gb, the translated geometry limit for C:H:S addressing.
# If the BIOS does not support packet addressing, then 'lba32' addresses are
# translated to C:H:S, just as for 'linear'. Using 'lba32', all floppy disk
# references are retained in C:H:S form.

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