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english.tux file AA="T U X H U N T E R "
AB="Version "
AC="Any key to start game "
AD=(q)"Quit "
AE="Any key to continue "
AF="Any key to quit "
AG="H I G H S C O R E S "
AH="empty "
AI="Miss "
AJ="Wound "
AK="Kill "
AL="Moves "
AM="Help "
AN="Scores "
AO="Quit "
AP="Where no man has gone before "
AQ="Dead eye "
AR="Elmer Fudd watch out "
AS="Quite the killer "
AT="Marvin the Martian would be proud "
AU="Wylie Coyote watch me
AV="You are despicable "
AW="Hunter in training "
AX="I give up easy $CGI give up easy "
AY="Can not hit a barn "
AZ="Save your score "
BA="Your name "
BC="Do you want to upload your score to "
BD="More scores "
BE="Your score FAILED to upload "
BF="Only letters numbers and spaces allowed. "
BG="Global scores "
BH="G L O B A L "
BI="L O C A L "
BO="Press (d) to disable sound effects. "
BP="Press (a) to activate sound effects. "
BQ="Up to 16 characters "
BQ="This is a console game, sorry "

aA(){ cat <<-~
   Cursor keys to aim the cross Up/Down/Left/Right
(f) or (Space bar) to fire
(q) to quit and save
(F1) This screen
(F2) High Scores

Only a shot directly through the heart will kill the Penguin.
Each move and miss counts against your score.
A wounded Penguin doesn't move as fast.
$CV$CY *DO NOT* hold down the cursor keys, it will break the game.$CD


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