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english.sys file

A0="Configuring ISA PnP... "
A1="ISA PnP is enabled "
A2="ISA PnP is not enabled "
A3="page "
A4="Free " - <TABs> or trailing space
A5="--> (I)nstall/save <-> (S)earch <-> (G)oto page# <-> (R)amdisk pkg <-> (Q)ui(t) <-
A6="Goto page number "
A7="Package search string "
A8="(Q)ui(t) search mode "
A9="No matching packages "
AA="Package name "
AB="not found in list "
AC="Try forcing a package list update "
AD="Installation aborted... "
AE="does not have a .pkg extension. "
AF="NOT a FREESCO package. "
AG="Do you want to download this file and save it "
AH="ERROR: Not found using: "
AI="Do you want to search globally for this package "
AJ="Trying "
AK="Found "
AL="Not found "
AM="ERROR- file was not found. "
AN="Checking required space "
AO="Failed "
AP="Ok "
AQ="required "
AR="Installing... "
AS="Save a copy to the disk "
AT="Directory to save file in "
AU="Checking MD5 checksum..... "
AV="Read the license agreement for this package "
AW="Do you agree to the terms of the license "
AX="View the install script "
AY="Checking versions... "
AZ="Checking dependencies... "
B0="is required for this package "
B1="Checking if package is installed... "
B2="Possible fatal error occurred. Continue installing "
B3="Install this package "
B4="Unpacking "
B5="Checking for library conflicts... "
B6="Existing library "
B7="Replace with "
B8="Replace this library "
B9="Successfully installed... "
BA="Any key to continue "
BB="Installing "
BC="!!You can not use this feature with existing packages on your drive !! "
BD="You don't have a ramdisk "
BE="Installed packages that can be uninstalled "
BF="Type the name of the package to be uninstalled "
BG="Are you sure you want to uninstall "
BH="Do you want to restore libraries replaced by this package "
BI="has been uninstalled... "
BJ="No such package or uninstall script "
BK="Do you want to view descriptions "
BL="Ramdisk (disabled) "
BM="Ramdisk free "
BN="Checking "
BO="Not compliant "
BP="Processing data... "
BQ="Global package list "
BR="updated "
BS=" ---------------- End of package list------------------- "
BT="of "
BU="It is recommended that you install "
BV="before you install "
BW="Please change your "
BX="password "
BY="immediately! "
BZ="Loading modules "
DA="There is a nice Control Panel "
DB="Starting console on tty1 and tty2 "
DC="bridge "
DD="Bridging mode is not enabled "
DE="Bridging mode is enabled "
DF="Initializing communication ports "
DG="Starting HTTP control/time server "
DH="WARNING insecure "
DI="Starting public HTTP server "
DJ="leased line "
DK="Malformed entry "
DL="Error - not configured "
DM="Not configured "
DN="Done "
DO="Leased line pppd is running "
DP="Adding default route "
DQ="Failed "
DR="Delayed "
DS="Leased line pppd is not running "
DT="Starting print server "
DU="Mode "
DV="Warning ! No ISP defined "
DW="Loading keyboard map "
DX="NAT and firewalling is "
DY="enabled "
DZ="disabled "
EA="Ban local "
EB="Local ban "
EC="port "
ED="Allow local "
EE="Starting traffic monitor "
EF="Ban external "
EG="Stopping traffic monitor "
EH="Allow external "
EI="Firewall$CBNdisabled$CD$CV for: "
EJ="Waiting for DHCPOFFER on "
EK="Initializing interface "
EL="Stopping network "
EM="No network card(s) found "
EN="FATAL ERROR.....$CW IP address or use DHCP on network 0 required
EO="Network status "
EP="Stopping port forwarding "
EQ="Starting port forwarding "
ER="Bad entry "
ES="Port above "
ET="is bad "
EU="Starting null modem on "
EV="Starting dial-in services on "
EW="Stopping RAS services "
EX="Starting SSH server "
EY="Shutting down "
EZ="Turning off swap "
FA="UN-mounting disk "
FB="is unsupported "
FC="updated "
FD="failed to update "
FE="Email failed: no response from "
FF="external IP "
FG="Error: "
FH="does NOT resolve to any IP "
FI="resolves to "
FJ="Client updated "
FK="is not current, Should be "
FL="last updated "
FM="Chat finished successfully "
FN="Usage: cp-rf 'source_dir' 'destination_dir' "
FO="The disk is mounted as umsdos in "
FP="Sound is disabled, time restriction "
FQ="Sending "
FR="What type of user is "
FS="(D)ialin modem user (N)ormal user (F)TP user (Q)ui(t) "
FT="Allowed login time range for "
FU="Limit connection time in minutes. 0 to disable "
FV="Do you want a home directory for "
FW="already has a home directory "
FX="has been added to "
FY="Not a valid user type "
FZ="Added - user: "
GA="removed "
GB="No such user "
GC="You must enter a name "
GD="The user name "
GE="can not be modified "
GF="Statistics for "
GG="connected "
GH="minutes "
GI="bytes sent "
GJ="bytes received "
GK="Log entries "
GL="Seconds,Sent,Rcv. "
GM="Module Pages Used by "
GN="Your report.txt is in the '/boot' directory "
GO="Mounted FS: "
GP="Usage: minicom /dev/cua? [SPEED] "
GQ="Using default device "
GR="Using default speed "
GS="Syntax:\n\tcrontab [-e] or [-l] "
GT="Do not remove the disk without typing a: first "
GU="This command can only be used on hard drive installs "
GV="Usage: "
GW="<source >destination "
GX="No disk !! Wrong device "
GY="You can specify a special device such as 'a: fd1' or 'a: fd0u1680' "
GZ="The disk is mounted as vfat in "
HA="The disk is unmounted "
HB="The disk cannot be unmounted while in the /mnt/fd directory "
HC="Usage: grep [-v] STRING [files ...] "
HE="Pid Stat Parent Line Name Command "
HF="New user name:? "
HG="User already exists. Try "
HH="edit user name:? "
HI="Delete user name:? "
HJ="Special "
HK="Dial-in "
HL="Normal "
HM="users "
HN="No users defined "
HO="Routing "
HP="Firewall/Input "
HQ="Firewall/Forward "
HR="Firewall/Active Masquerading entries "
HS="Port forwarding "
HU="IP leases "
HV="Bridging "
HX="Error: This command can not run from a floppy "
HY="This command will copy the standard system configuration files from your hard\ndrive to an existing freesco v$VERSION floppy disk. Please insert that disk now.\nNOTE: Installed packages and other extras will not be saved"

HZ="Are you sure you want to continue "
IA="Error: No floppy disk inserted, or faulty "
IB="Error: this is not a FREESCO floppy "
IC="Error: the disk is "
ID="not "
IE="Copying files "
IF="Warning: Some errors occurred during backup. Please check your disk "
IG="Backup successful. You may now remove the floppy disk "

IH="Syntax: printout [OPTIONS] /dir/filename

-c Check # of pages in file
-d page Descriptor off
-l Landscape
-n page Numbering off
-o dev Output to /dev/$LPDEV0 (default)
-p #,# Print from page # to page #
-P Print Preview
-s Separator page off
-t Test page
-h Help\nNOTE: Each flag must be separated"

II="Output file already exists "
IJ="Bad flag or file name "
IK="Bad flag "
IL="No printing device defined in setup or -o flag "
IM="Processing page format "
IN="page(s) in "
IO="There are "
IP="page "
IQ="to page "
IR="in "
IS="Printing "
IT="to "
IU="Printing test page to "
IV="Job submitted by "
IW="<Enter> next page "
IX="You must provide the users home directory "
IZ="Create a SSH 'authorized_keys' file in "
JA="The file already exists "
JB="Failed to init modem "
JC="Dialing "
JD="Chat Error "
JE="Chat Script Error "
JF="Chat Timeout "
JG="No Carrier "
JH="Line Busy "
JI="No Dial Tone "
JK="Modem Error "
JL="Error "
JM="Not a dialup router "
JN="Command "
JO="has just been sent "
JP="Command not found "
JQ="Usage: getkey [char-list] [Default <Enter>] "
JR="char-list Acceptable characters "
JS="Function control characters: "
JT="Invalid flag $1\nUsage:\n email [-report] [-netinfo] [-messages] [-infolog] [-secure] [email@address]\n\t [-other subject 'cat /dir/file-name' ]\n Default email@address is"

JU="not responding "
JV="Email client not enabled "
JW="No email address defined "
JX="Usage: "
JY="Force update "
JZ="Connection "
KA="dial-in user attempted login during nologin period "
KB="dial-in user started pppd on "
KC="server failed, restarting "
KD="dial-in users are not allowed console logins "
KE="File not found "
KF="Wrong key "
KG="User "
KH="issued 'mode "
KI="Usage:\tmode ethernet|leased|bridge|default\n\tor mode dialup ISPNAME
KJ="Usage: setspeed line speed "
KK="You must enter the number of days back to remove logs "
KL="Usage: killall name [-signal] "
KM="Server setup 'No NTP server defined' "
KN="Failed to update "
KO="to stop "
KP="No dial-in console allowed "
KQ="Can't initialize modem "
KR="with "
KS="Already running "
KT="monitor started "
KU="ping(s) failed to "
KV="down "
KW="restarted "
KX="Testing "
KY="Online "
KZ="Downloading mirror list "
LA="Failed, sorry "
LB="Caching URL DNS entries "
LC="Offline "
LD="Your current default download URL is "
LE="Your default download URL will be set to "
LF="The fastest URL is already set as your default "
LG="Do you want to change it "
LH="Already running "
LI="DHCP client "
LJ="lease obtained for "
LK="Updating system configuration "
LL="'router.bat' to start the router "
LM="'router.bat setup' to setup the router "
LN="'router.bat debug' to debug the router "
LO="'router.bat shell' to bring shell only "
LP="I'd like to move it. But it's not a floppy "
LQ="Backup to restore "
LR="Your backup(s) "
LS="Oops you mistyped the extension "
LT="try again "
LU="directory already exists "
LV="(d)elete and use existing directory, choose a (n)ew one, or e(x)it "
LW="New 3 character extension "
LX="ERROR: bad file extension "
LY="Your choice "
LZ="No usable hard drive/partition was found "
MA="You have more than one hard drive or partition that can be used for Freesco
MB="Do you want to use the advanced move2hd "
MC="Usable partitions or drives that were found "
MD="is recommended "
ME="What listed partition or drive do you want to use "
MF="What DOS drive letter is assigned to this drive "
MG="Backup saved as "
MH="There are no backups to restore, sorry :-( "
MI="can't overwrite "
MJ="You must choose either Clean or Save "
MK="Error mounting "
ML="as umsdos. Try a clean install "
MM="Saving backup files "
MN="Removing "
MO="patches "
MP="Copying Freesco to "
MQ="Use "
MR="Chat finished successfully "
MS="Failed to init modem "
MT="Dialing "
MU="Chat error "
MV="Chat script error "
MW="Chat timeout "
MX="No carrier "
MY="Line busy "
MZ="No dial tone "
NA="Modem error "
NB="Error "
NC="has been rejected "
ND="time restriction "
NE="logged on "
NF="minute time limit set "
NG="logged off, sent "
NH="received "
NI="bytes in "
NJ="seconds "
NK="exit "
NL="Install the listed dependencies now "
NM="Finishing installation of "
NN="Install the above kernel as the running kernel "
NO="Your new kernel has been installed. "
NP="No external IP found, exiting! "
NQ="Install a third party kernel to the hard drive "
NR="Firewall is "
NS="directory is created. "
NT="Feed queue "
NU="Raw queue "
NV="You must reboot to activate it. "
NW="Set package download URL manually "
NX="Use cursor Up/Down to choose a URL. Enter to select "
NY="Redirect port "
NZ="to local port "
OA="DNS configuration "
OB="Powered "
OC="by "
OE="/dir/file "
OF="Un-Blocked "
OG="Blocked "
OH="Warning "
OI="Register your system now "
OJ="Registration name "
OL="Ban Service Port "
OM="Allow Service Port "
ON="Mon "
OO="Tue "
OP="Wed "
OQ="Thu "
OR="Fri "
OS="Sat "
OT="Sun "
OU="Illegal character "
OV="Your two letter country code "
OW="Only two characters allowed "
OX="Calculator "
OZ="(q)Quit (c)Clear (p)Print (s)Save "
SE="server "
SF="secure "
SG="open "
SH="Offline "
ST="Stopping "
SR="Starting "

aA(){ cat <<~
Usage: pkg CMD ARGs
CMD: -c Check URL for available packages list.
-cf Force update of list (Default 90 days).
-i Install package from URL or DIR.
-r Install package from URL or DIR onto ramdisk!!!
-rf Same as -r except will not pause for input
-u Uninstall package NAME.
-l Show list and descriptions of installed packages.
-s Download package from URL and save in DIR.
URL: http://www.dom use given http or
ftp://ftp.dom or ftp site
/dir/file use local disk
-/ alias for default/global web-sites
pkg -c -/ # Get packages list
pkg -cf -/ # Force update of global list
pkg -c ftp://my.ftp.dom/pub/ # Get packages list from ftp server
pkg -i -/mc # Install mc from home site
pkg -i http://www.dom/mc # Install mc from http server
pkg -i /mnt/hd/dir/mc # Install mc from /mnt/hd/dir
pkg -u mc # Uninstall mc
pkg -s http://www.dom/mc # Save in the default save directory.
pkg -s -/mc /mnt/hd/dir # Download mc from home site and save
# in /mnt/hd/dir.


aB(){ cat <<~
The authorized_keys file allows users to login using SSH and not
have to use a password.
The Openssh client private key is
The Dropbear client private key is
Private keys must be renamed and copied to the /user/.ssh
directory on the client OS.


aC(){ cat <<EOF
Usage: play TEMPO 'NOTE1 NOTE2 NOTE3 ...'

Where: TEMPO is how many 1/4 notes in 1 second.
NOTES one or more notations like: 2c3 4#a1 or 8.d2

Syntax: Duration Dot Chars encode Octave
of note note
1 - 1/1 increase a - lya 0
2 - 1/2 duration #a or da - lya diez 1
4 - 1/4 in 1.5 b - si 2
8 - 1/6 times c - do 3
16 - 1/16 #c or dc - do diez
32 - 1/32 d - re
#d or dd - re diez
e - mi
f - fa
#f or df - fa diez
g - sol
#g or dg - sol diez
- or p - pause

NOTE1: Don't forget to enclose NOTES in single quotes.
NOTE2: Notation is the same that is used in Nokia mobile phones,


aD(){ cat <<~
force/unforce Force link up continuously.
block/unblock Block link up.
up/down link up/down.
debug <flags> Set debug flags.
delay-quit Terminate link when it goes idle.
quit Force link down and exit.
reset Force reread configuration.
queue Print filter queue to syslog.

aE(){ cat <<~
$CV$CY This command will install FREESCO on a FAT-16/32 partition of your hard drive.
Choices: ${CG}C${CY}lean install, delete previous copy
${CG}O${CY}verwrite existing install leaving extra files intact
${CG}S${CY}ave existing hard drive install to a backup directory.
${CC}R${CY}estore previous backup

aF(){ cat <<~

-e Edit configuration file for individual IP's.
-r Reset all stored bandwidth data.
-h Help


aG(){ cat <<~

Registering your system is NOT required and the system will run
perfectly without registering, but it is helpful in accurately
counting the number of systems running FREESCO. No personal
information is needed except for a name to register the system
with. Once registered this prompt will never appear again.


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