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ext2-0.4.3-lewis-english file

AA="No raid kernel found "

aA(){ cat <<~
***-- loading this package will not damage your system --***
!!! However it is entirely possible to damage your system using this package !!!

$CV$CG This package is designed to create and move FREESCO to an ext2 partition.

$CY If you are not comfortable with using the Linux cfdisk utility
formatting hard drives then do NOT install this package.$CD

$CC This package leaves no changes to your floppy, so if you reboot
you will have to install this package again.

aB(){ cat <<~
!!!! This package is for floppy drive installs booted in normal mode ONLY !!!!

Any key to continue


aC(){ cat <<~
!! Wrong FREESCO version. This package is designed for v0.4.3 ONLY !!

Any key to continue


aD(){ cat <<~
Now that this package is installed you have two primary choices. Setup for a install or to repair an existing hard drive installation. Use $CG

$setu $CW
rc_ext2 $repa-lilo$CW

You also can use any of the included binaries directly from the command line. Binaries and scripts included are:$CG
badblocks cfdisk dumpe2fs e2fsck fdisk lilo mke2fs mklost+found mkraid mkswap mv2ext2 raidhotadd raidhotremove raidsetfaulty raidstart raidstop sfdisk tune2fs rc_ext2$CW

NOTE: If running this package from within the setup package menu,
the installation will be automatically started.


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